We're All Mad Here.

Hello there, you can call me Canadaa. I'm nineteen years of age and I come from the strange land of New Jersey. This is my blog, packed to the teeth with random photos that I feel resemble my personality. Some things I adore include cats, cats, kittens, cats, marijuana, psychedelics, raving, gloving, Gorillaz (The band lol) along with a lot of different musical tastes, Arizona iced tea, vinyl players, writing, reading, history of our earth, growing plants, cigarettes, deep conversations and just making people smile. If you think I sound awesome, don't be shy to follow me. I always follow back. <3 oh, and one last thing: enjoy the flustering and flabbergasting trip into my mind. "We're all mad here. You may notice...I'm not all there myself."-The Cheshire Cat
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I’m glad Mac sleeps on my bed as if it were only there for him to sleep on.

make me choose → kingslyers asked: robb stark or jaime lannister?

Robb, I will not soften the truth for you. If you lose, there is no hope for any of us.

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Animal Collective - Daily Routine

My favorite song

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